Crafted Services

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Interior Design / Home Staging

Pricing Depends on Project Scope

Need to completely revamp your kitchen, your bathroom, or heck, your entire home? Then let us help you with our full scale renovation services.

We'll handle it all - from design, to planning, to sourcing, to installation. We meet, assess, whip up a design plan and proposal. We tweak as needed, you approve. This service includes detailed renderings, project and budget updates. It’ll require immense trust, but here’s the thing: clients who trust us wholeheartedly to execute their vision, are never disappointed. We guarantee it.

A $80 design retainer fee is required at the initial start of this service.

*Traveling fee applies depending on location

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Virtual Design Services

We know we can't physically see every space to offer our services, so our virtual design/E-Design service is the best option for those of you who love our style, and need our guidance through the design process from afar.

Fees depend on overall scope but begin at $99 for small rooms such as entryways and powder rooms; $299 for larger rooms including bedrooms, living rooms; and $499 for combination spaces such as combined living/dining rooms, family/breakfast nook. Package includes: An inspiration board, detailed floor plan/layout instructions, complete shopping guide/source list for items selected, budget overview, and includes one revision to the plan. Virtual design clients are responsible for taking all measurements and for placing their own orders. A separate fee will be charged if you require our team to place/track orders or process returns.

Crafted Consultations

Do you have some design ideas that need to be flushed out with expert guidance?

Our Crafted Consultation is a in-house experience where I will come to you and provide the right solutions and ideas to solve your design crisis.

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Mon - Sat: 6pm - 8:30 pm

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