5 Pillow Trends for 2019

5 Pillow Trends for 2019

Every year designers come together and compile trends that speak tasteful decor for us to try in our homes. As we enter the new year, we look for ways to add new design touches throughout so a visual impact can instantly turn a basic sofa into the extraordinary, and a standard bed into a relaxing oasis.

The easiest way to bring either of these room to life is by following these trends for a full-blown interior décor overhaul. Let’s get the pillow talk going to illustrate the trendiest decorative pillows trend for 2019.


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All the rage over the past few years, we’ve seen shag come into the world of interior design via rugs, tapestries, and now stylish decorative throw pillows. Though they have an impractical appeal about them, they are a great way to add texture and intriguing visual interest in any room.

Even better when they are mixed with non fur or shag pillows to highlight their beauty.

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Long gone are the days of 80’s era decorative throw pillows that are so upright that they ward potential guests away. Instead, look for decorative pillows that evoke a relaxed yet stylized spirit and let them sit naturally on a surface rather then coming off as too calculated in placement.

And do create a mix of patterns as illustrated above. The take-away here is to keep a common thread between the mix, such as the muted blue running through each pillow.


Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 7.46.53 PM.png

There’s something undeniably ultra-chic about a velvet pillow in a solid hue, isn’t there? We don’t know what it is, but we do know that they are all kinds of glorious, scattered about your sofa. Perhaps it’s something to do with the shine of velvet, or the texture of the fabric? Whatever it is, we love velvet decorative pillows, especially in deep, rich tones, to add a touch of luxury to your soft furnishings.

Imagine champagne gold, blush millennial pink, and warm burnt orange being the spotlight - all arranged with smaller throw pillows in contrasting colors and fabrics.

Gladys Velvet
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Sateen has made a comeback and we are so into the soft, shiny, luxuriance it brings with it. Sateen always looks gorgeous in deep jewel tones, but we are especially loving it for blue throw pillows. From soft light blues, to bolder dark blues, sateen throw pillow sets are a go-to for 2019.

They look great as square throw pillows, and exceptional as rectangular lumbar throw pillows – there’s something about the dip in the middle being accentuated by the longer line, that looks simply stunning in sateen.



When it comes to decorative pillows, its more about your personal taste then what’s on trend. Are you immediately drawn to pastels? If so, a smattering of pastel hued pillows will give a sofa a softened, more approachable feel.

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