DIY ~ Modern White Entryway Table


Last week we had the opportunity to update and make some changes in one of our clients home with repurposing old furniture pieces then turning it into a stylish yet functional display piece. The results came out stunning and we can now add repurposing furniture to our services. 

When making changes to your space it can be as simple as changing the paint color on a old furniture piece or swapping out the hardware.

Our client insisted on using a old nightstand from her son's bedroom set throughout her home makeover and to please her with satisfactory customer service we did just that. The start to this project was to remove the hardware and sand down the entire nightstand with Pro Grade Precision 9 in. x 11 in. 400 Grit X-Fine Advanced Sanding Sheets (4-Pack). This step took about one hour to sand by hand so get ready to build some muscle or purchase an electric sander from your nearest hardware supply store.

After sanding down the entire nightstand including the draws take a damp cloth and wipe off the excess dust to eliminate a rough finish once paint is added. Allow that to dry then continue on to spray the entire piece with a Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Satin Heirloom White Spray Paint/Primer. One and a half cans were used for the entire stand. Allow that to dry then continue with painting.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 5.57.55 PM.png

After about an hour the paint/primer was completely dry and we continued to paint the nightstand with a white VOC Interior Paint. We used a sponge hand roller to paint which is easier to maneuver and no streaks are left behind. The paint color was chosen to match the baseboards throughout the space in addition to the entryway feeling more inviting, fresh, and light when entering.

Once the entire stand was painted we waited 24 hours to insert the draws and lightly sanded the finish coat to remove any grains we felt from sanding. Here's another look at the before.


The knobs were also swapped out and purchased from Hobby Lobby which were 50% off. Super easy to screw on! We then placed the nightstand in entryway area, added two wicker basket found at Walmart on sale to make the piece more functional and WALLAH our new entryway was complete. Take a look for yourself!