These 5 Holiday Decor Statement Pillows Are Right On Time for the Season

When it comes to the holidays, decorating your home for the cheerful season is one of the best parts. Whether it’s infusing pops of color into your living room with bright pillows or switching out your summer throw pillows for holiday-themed ones, decorative throw pillows are one of our favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit. Scroll through for a few of our top options and get ready to really jump full force into holiday decorating.

1. Pops of Red

If you like to stick to the simpler side of design, you can opt for something a bit more minimalistic. Whether it’s a pop of solid velvet texture or a tasteful graphic pillow, you can subtly infuse pops of red holiday décor into your home without completely changing your design aesthetic. Consider opting for a pillow with a sweet holiday saying on it to really liven up your space.


2. Add a Statement Pillow

You don’t have to limit your holiday decorating just to common areas; you can extend holiday cheer into your bedrooms as well. Pick out a holiday statement pillow that matches your room’s color scheme and place it front and center on your bed or couch. Whether it’s a beautiful Christmas tree print or a simple snowman design, you can choose whichever print best fits in with your aesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.18.02 PM.png

3. Add Rich Textures

While summer and spring call for light colors and breezy textures, fall and winter lend themselves to cozy, warm textures like velvet, leather and fur. This holiday season consider swapping out your cotton or linen throw pillows with rich velvets and faux furs instead. Not only will this make the whole family want to curl up on the couch to watch their favorite Christmas movie, but it’ll also add a nice touch of the holiday spirit to your home.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.24.42 PM.png

4. Charm and Glam

If the color red isn’t your thing simply keep it glamorous by adding blush and golds tones to your space. Add texture decorative pillows for a classic charm. This sort of look is transitional and heightens the glitz and glamor for the New Year!

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.22.58 PM.png

5. Play with Patterns

Don’t be afraid to go all out with the festivities and really play into the season with bold holiday patterns. Whether it’s a set of throw pillows with matching reindeer or a set of bold snowflake pillows, you can really emphasize the holidays by adding patterned pillows to your couch or sofa.


We’ve curated some of our favorite holiday pillows for you to decorate your home with this season. Think subtle gold accent pillows, rich leather pillows and few textured pillows to make a statement.

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