Pick Your Palette from these 5 Color Options of the Year

Kickstart your next design project with colors that are exciting, trendy, fabulous, and right on trend with color enthusiasts like Benjamin MoorePPG PaintsSherwin Williams, and of course, Pantone. These eight color options are all pick worthy and creates timeless designs, mental energy demands, and modern day curb appeal. Pick your palette and make your home feel refresh by indulging in new hue.

1. Romance by Sherwin-Williams'

It's so easy to fall in romance when the feeling comes neutral. Sherwin-Williams Romance (HGSW2067) evokes both timelessness and infinite possibility — and HGTV’s editors have already fallen hard. “Romance is a beautiful soft blush tone with a slight apricot influence,” says Ashley Banbury, Senior Color Designer at HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. “Romance was inspired by our desire to bring elegance and luxury into the home while maintaining serene balance. This colorful neutral is a gorgeous backdrop to jewel tones and gold accents, pairing perfectly with all the colors from our Simply Blissful Color Collection.”

2. Naval by Sherwin-Williams

Navy blue is considered to be one of the most relaxing shades, so it's only fitting that Sherwin-Williams chose it as the company's 2020 color of the year. Naval SW 6244 is a rich shade of blue that effortlessly pairs with both serene, muted palettes and flashy glamorous settings (think: Carrara marble surfaces and metallic accents). "We’re predicting that the next decade in color is going to be bold," said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, in a press release. "Naval merges the desire for rich, inspiring color with our yearning for relaxation and retreat. In the next 10 years, we’ll continue to move away from omnipresent neutrals and design will feel more personal again.” Paint bedroom walls with Naval and couple with crisp white trimwork for a relaxing retreat, or make a splash in a contemporary kitchen with Naval cabinetry.


The minimalist movement has encouraged many modern homemakers to live a more clutter free, thoughtful life. With this, shades associated with minimalism are creams, beiges, and whites. Cream shades with bolder, more colorful undertones are desired for their inherent simplicity that can be manipulated with different types of lighting. See Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist, a timeless cream that shifts richer or deeper with shadow and brightness.


"People will begin to incorporate calm grey undertones, which are associated with mindful living and smart choices," says Kim. These coined "introspective shades" regard a color's undertone as equally important to the shade itself. Navy's, purples, and browns with grey undertones create a subdued sense of tranquility in the home. Here, walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Black Panther.

4. Rosy Neutrals that Blush

Dusty blush categorizes hues the are softer shades like rosy neutrals and muted blushes. These sort of colors offsprings peace and a sense of spirituality being favored. Using this color throughout a space makes the room very transitional and timeless.